Annual Awards Banquet

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Our Annual Awards Banquet 10 Feb 2018 was a huge success. We recognized our accomplishments over the past year. Winning the Quality Cadet Unit Award for the 8th consecutive year and our Cyber Patriot Team was 1st place for CAP in Texas. We recognized those that participated in the Hurricane Harvey Mission. Senior Member of the Year,Ed Chmiel; Cadet Program Member of the Year, John Coon; Sponsor Member of the Year, Ashley Blackmore; and Lt Col Jay Anderson Emergency Services Member of the Year, Noah Morris. AFA Cadet of the Year, C/1st Lt Sam Talaiferro; AFSA NCO of the Year, C/CMSgt Jack Ward; VFW Cadet Officer of the Year, C/2nd Lt Amanda Higginbotham; and VFW Cadet NCO of the Year, C/CMSgt Ben Johnson. We presented C/Maj Jackson Reed with an Achievement Award for his work during the Winter Encampment. As well as promoting William Woods, Noa Woods, and Tikki Martinez to C/2nd Lt and Ed Chmiel to Captain. In addition to this we had two outstanding guest speakers, American Airlines Capt David Tatum and USAF Capt Grant McEwan.