Flight Qualifications

For those cadets interested in flight training, Maj. Mellett has put together some information on what is the best way to start, and how to position yourselves for the various national programs that CAP offers. The Air Force is allocating a lot of money towards helping cadets earn their private pilot’s license in the hopes that a percentage will pursue an aviation career.

The funds will be competitive, and those who will actually be selecting the candidates to receive these various scholarships, will be choosing those cadets who they think will actually go all the way. The strongest indicators in their view are:

  1. passing the private pilot written test
  2. getting a powered solo endorsement.

Included in the presentation is a timeline. The 2019 cycle is pretty much over with. We are now working on preparing for the next round, 2020.

The Experimental Aircraft Associations, EAA has some really impressive resources for young people which have been outlined in a powerpoint presentation. This includes free online ground school and endorsement to take the written test. If you pass the test then they will reimburse you the $165 test fee. They also have online flight training modules that work with the now old Microsoft Flight Simulator that will give you a leg up before you actually step inside an airplane.

In order to take advantage of the EAA resources, you have to sign up and take a Young Eagles flight. I’ve contacted the Fort Worth Chapter EAA 670 to try and arrange flights for those cadets interested, and they are willing to help. Captain Williams will be managing the dates/times and who is interested.

I have personally also been a long time member of the EAA and signed up to do Young Eagles flights just this week. The parents should take some comfort in knowing that I and anyone else flying young people had to submit to a background check and take online youth protection training that looks a lot like CAP background checks and Cadet Protection training before being allowed to fly.

You are very lucky because the Nighthawk Squadron is rich in experienced senior member aviators willing to help you out. We can assign mentors and conduct supplemental ground instruction as needed. You will need to give us feedback.

You may have noticed an iMac with a yoke/pedal setup running X-Plane in the ICP. Anyone in the squadron is welcome to use it. We could configure it to run the EAA virtual flight training software as well.

CAP Cadet Aviators

Senior members, the national pilot shortage also means that there is a national instructor shortage. CAP is also putting some resources toward qualifying members to become CAP instructor pilots. Hopefully, we will hear more soon.