Cadet Promotion Request

Do you have questions about promotions, check out the Stripes to Diamonds web-page for more information.

How to Proceed

  1. Review your eServices Promotion Report against the Personal Cadet Tracker form below before making your request.
  2. Fill out the appropriate form in the order specified below for the area that you are requesting testing or promotion.
  3. All requests must be submitted by 5:30 PM the day before.
  4. All testing will occur Thursday Evening from 5:00 – 7:00 PM.
  5. You can confirm your testing request the following day at the DentonCAP Calendar at
  6. You will receive an email the morning of confirming your request.

Physical Fitness Test

Please see instructions below for the PT test and email the results to and the monitoring parent.

Request Forms

Written Testing Request Link –  Nighthawk Written Testing Request

Review Board Request Link –  Nighthawk Review Board Request

Promotions Request Link – Nighthawk Promotions Request

Temporary Physical Fitness Test Instructions 3/19/2020 – 8/30/2020

For those of you who have exceeded the 180 day limit, are earning your first stripe, or need of a Physical Fitness exam, please follow these instructions to complete the PT requirements.

Cadets must pass the running portion (mile run or pacer) and fitness portion (2 of the following: curl up, push up or sit and reach). You can check the scores you need to have to pass by looking at the Super Chart.

Have a parent monitor the tests. Send the results to and CC your parent who monitored the tests.

Physical Fitness Requirements

Test Instructions Important Links
Running Portion – Pass One Item Below
Mile Run *Use mapmywalk or google maps to verify you have a mile
*Use a timer to time the run
*Record the time
Map My Walk OR
Google Maps
Pacer Run *Use a measuring tape to mark out 20 meters (65.6 ft or 21.9 yds)
*Use the pacer link to the right to access the audio to conduct the test
*Record the results
FitnessGram 20-Meter PACER Test OFFICIAL AUDIO (Part 1)
Fitness Portion – Pass Two Items Below
Curl Ups *The curl ups for CAP are not like the ones you are used to.
*Here is a YouTube video to explain how it works.
*Use a scarf or cardboard, whatever you have for the strip.
*Use the curl up link to the right to access the audio to conduct the test
*Record the results
Curl Up Test Cadence
Push Ups *The push up test is explained here.
*You do not need the block underneath
*Use the push up link to the right to access the audio to conduct the test
*Record the results
Push Up Test Cadence
Sit and Reach *The sit and reach tests flexibility. Stretch everyday before and after exercise.
*A banker’s box (or any box about a foot high) with a ruler taped to the top will work.
*Tape the ruler to the edge of the box at the 9 inch marking with the zero end of the ruler extended off of the box towards the cadet.
*Use the sit and reach link to the right to access the audio to conduct the test.
*Record the results

Personal Cadet Tracker – Nighthawk Version