Cadet Promotion Request

Do you have questions about your promotion? Check out the Stripes to Diamonds web-page for more information.

How to Proceed

  1. Review your eServices Promotion Report against the Nighthawk Personal Cadet Tracker available at the squadron before making your request.
  2. Select the appropriate form below for the area that you are requesting testing or promotion.

Request Forms

  1. Drill Test Request Drill Test Requirements
  2. SDA Speech RequestSpeech Evaluation Form
  3. Comprehensive Exam Request for both Leadership & Aerospace – formerly called Written Tests
  4. Review Board Request
  5. Promotions Request

Your request will be confirmed in the Advancements and Promotions email sent at the end of each week. If it is not confirmed in the email, reply to the Duty NCO and explain your situation.

How to Accept an Award

Check out the video: Take, Shake, & Salute, which shows the proper way to accept an award.

Physical Fitness Test

All PT Tests are conducted at the squadron by the First Sergeant on the first Monday night of each month.

Personal Cadet Tracker – Nighthawk Version