Cadet Jordan Caldwell Solos in Glider

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Denton’s Nighthawk Composite Squadron Cadet Jordan Caldwell Solos at Bishop Field

November 17, 2012, Decatur, TX.—Denton’s Nighthawk Composite Squadron Cadet Second Lieutenant Jordan Caldwell, age 15, soloed in a SGU 2-22 sailplane at Bishop’s Field on Saturday, November 17th.  He completed 31 flights with an instructor throughout the year prior to his solo and he is now working toward his private pilot’s license so he can carry passengers when he turns 16 next year.  Lt. Caldwell is the Deputy Cadet Commander of Nighthawk Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol in Denton.  His gliding instructor, LtCol Bryce Herkert, said “Jordan Caldwell has done a terrific job learning to fly and did great with his training and first solo.”  His solo was witnessed by his parents, grandfather, and other cadets learning to fly.  Following his solo with a near perfect landing, Caldwell had a large container of water dumped on him and then every witness signed his shirt as a keepsake.

Orientation flights in gliders and powered aircraft are part of the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. Many cadets choose to pursue pilot’s licenses in both types of aircraft.

The CAP cadet program is open to young people ages 12 to 18. For more information about the organization, visit CAP’s national web site, or for information about the Denton squadron, visit