Civil Air Patrol conducts search-and-rescue training

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Civil Air Patrol conducts search-and-rescue training

Denton Record Chronicle
Les Cockrell Les Cockrell Denton Record-Chronicle
Region Editor
Published: 28 March 2013 12:27 AM

Members of the Civil Air Patrol Nighthawk Composite Squadron stationed in Denton recently conducted search-and-rescue training at Ray Roberts Lake State Park as part of a large statewide exercise.

The exercise, held at the Isle du Bois Unit, simulated a missing or overdue aircraft and concentrated on ground-search operations in the wooded and hilly terrain near the lake. More than 25 Civil Air Patrol volunteers from across North Texas participated in the overnight exercise.

Civil Air Patrol teams were joined by Search One Rescue, a Dallas-area canine search team. Search One Rescue brought 15 dogs that specialize in different types of tracking.

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