Cadet Field Training Exercise

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Date(s) - 01/29/2016 - 01/31/2016
All Day

DFW Adventure Park


A squadron Field Training Exercise (FTX) will be held on the property of the DFW Adventure Park from 1700 Friday 29 Jan until 1600 Sunday, 31 Jan.  All participating personnel will report to the parking lot of DFW Adventure Park,  13055 Cleveland Gibbs Rd, Roanoke, TX, at 1700 Friday, 29 Jan.  (This location is approximately a 20 minutes south of Denton, just off I-35W.)

ADMINISTRATION: All cadets who desire to attend must compete and sign the following forms and bring them to the regular squadron meeting.  DEADLINE is Monday January 25th: Link to CAP Forms.

  • CAP Form 32, Cadet Activity Permission Slip.
  • CAP Form 161, Emergency Information.
  • CAP Form 163, Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication.

ACTIVITIES: A schedule of activities will be distributed on Monday 25 Jan. In general, cadets can expect instruction and practical application of Land Navigation (Map & Compass), Fire Starting, Day/Night Signaling, First Aid/CPR, Cold Weather Injury Prevention, Basic Survival Skills, along with some entertaining and fun activities.

SAFETY: Safety is paramount. Senior Member supervision and risk management procedures will be applied to all activities.

COMMUNICATION: For additional information Cadets should use the chain of command to the maximum extent possible. However, if you cannot get an answer to your question(s), please feel free to contact the Lt Col John Thurman.  His mobile number is 940-268-8807 and e-mail

EQUIPMENT LIST:  Cadets should strive to bring all equipment designated in the Civil Air Patrol 24 & 72-Hour pack.  To see the comprehensive lists, click on the following link: 24 & 72 Hour Pack Contents.

  • The squadron will have two 10-person tents available. Therefore individuals may choose to use a personal backpacking tent or use the squadron tents.

It is understandable that newer cadets may not have all the 24 & 72 Hour Pack items and this is okay. What is most important, is that the cadets attend the events to get the training and experience. Therefore, at the very minimum, cadets should have cold weather appropriate clothing and a sleeping bag:

  1. At least one BDU uniform
  2. Cold weather appropriate coat. (The squadron has some field jackets and liners for issue if needed.)
  3. Underwear & insulated underwear (long johns)
  4. Knit or fleece cap (preferably black)
  5. Insulated gloves (preferably black)
  6. At least one change of socks
  7. Sleeping bag with a comfort rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
  8. Sleeping pad/mat; rollable or inflatable backpacking mat to provide insulation from the ground.
  9. Personal hygiene/shaving kit; toothbrush, toothpaste, wash cloth, soap, towel, etc.
  10. If the cadet does not own a backpack, any bag will suffice to carry personal items as the cadets will not be hiking with full gear doing this exercise. If bag is not water resistant, suggest using a large trash bag/leaf bags be used to protect spare closing and sleeping bag.
  11. Flashlight w/ spare batteries.
  12. At least one canteen.
  13. Shower shoes: flip flops, etc.



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