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Date(s) - 07/15/2016 - 08/17/2016
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Link to the NCSA website for information & registration: Int’l Air Cadet Exchange

July 15, 2016 – August 13, 2016
World Wide, DC
Min. Age:

Each summer, hundreds of cadets from eighteen nations come together to broaden their understanding of aviation and foreign cultures through the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE).

Civil Air Patrol has been the United States representative to the Exchange for more than 60 years. CAP cadets selected for the Exchange have a reputation as being the best of the best; possessing great integrity and leadership ability; a keen interest in aviation and foreign culture; and the desire to share their experiences with their fellow cadets, family, and community.

Selection to the International Air Cadet Exchange makes a cadet one of CAP’s… and America’s ambassadors to the world. Would you care to take up the challenge?


The International Air Cadet Exchange is a life-shaping experience. You will meet people from around the world who share the Exchange’s goal of promoting goodwill and fellowship through the common interest of aviation. You will receive special access to factories, airports, engineering laboratories, and government agencies; learning about how your host country contributes to the aviation community.
One day you may find yourself in the latest fighter simulator, the next day meeting high government officials at an official banquet, and hiking through pristine wilderness on yet another day. You will be joined not only by your fellow CAP cadets assigned to the country, but also by aviation cadets from a variety of countries representing five continents.
Australia 4 Belgium 2
Canada 8 China + 2
Hong Kong + 2 Israel 2
The Netherlands 2 New Zealand 2
Republic of Korea 2
 United Kingdom + * 10  United Kingdom 75th Event**  4
CAP sends one escort to each country, except for the United Kingdom where we send 2 escorts.
+ Cadets must be at least 18 to attend.
* Cadets for the UK will be a part of the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford.  Cadets and escorts will sleep in tents at the air show and then transported to the gathering place for regular the IACE events.  
**Cadets attending UK 75th Event will depart on 03 Aug and participate in the 75th Anniversary of the UK Air Cadetsincluding marching in parade in downtown London.
Visit the IACE Association web site for last year’s schedules for each country.
Participants will pay two fees, one for $1,000 for the activity fee and another one of about $170 for uniforms.
Cadet Ambassadors Requirements
1.  Possess the Earhart at the time of application
2.  At least 17 years old by start of activity
3.  Not 21 years old by 5 August 2015
4.  Have not previously attended IACE
5.  Hold, or be eligible to apply for a US Passport*
6.  Be able to undertake all of the activities of a cadet ambassador **Escort Ambassadors Requirements
1.  At least 25 years old by 17 July 2016
2.  Have earned at least a senior rating in the Cadet Programs Specialty Track
3.  Have not attended IACE as an escort or cadet in the previous five years
4.  Hold, or be eligible to apply for a US Passport*
5.  Be able to undertake all of the activities of an escort ambassador **Please read the document, 3a, Understanding Escorting Skills and Duties on the left for be better understanding of what it takes to be an escort.Both cadets and escorts pay the activity fee.

Application Procedures
Apply through the NCSA Main Menu in eServices using the tab on the left.  You will need to complete the 2016 Supplemental Questionnaire, on left, and upload it in the application supplemental tab.  This form is a WORD document.  You will need to download and “enable editing” and then upload as a WORD document.  Do not turn it into a PDF.  Escorts will have a supplemental as well which will be available through a tab at the left after 9 January.

A note about Chrome.  Google changed its pdf viewer in 2010 away from adobe.  To change so that you can view pdfs in Chrome, see our attachment.

How, When do I apply?

Host Wings Needed
Each year the international cadets meet in Washington DC for three days, then go off to a host state for 10 days to experience what the area has to offer
– Participating wings will develop a schedule to post onto the IACEA web site
– National assists with some of the costs involved in hosting

Several cadets have found it difficult to apply for their passport in time to meet the IACE deadline. If you are serious about applying, you might want to get your passport during your winter break. Passports are good for 10 years, if you are 17 or older.  See the Ambassador’s Guide for information on how to apply for a passport.

* Contact NHQ if you hold dual passports or are a resident alien with a foreign passport.

**  Participants will walk up to 3 -5 miles a day and be expected to participate in white-water rafting and other high-adventure activities.