Nov 2018 Cadet Orientation Flight Weekend

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Date(s) - 11/10/2018 - 11/11/2018
All Day

Woolfolk Hangar


Cadets, here is your chance to go FLY!  Group VI is putting together a weekend of flying.  Your Orientation Pilot will be taking one or two cadets in each time slot.  Each time slot will consist of one or two flights (depending on the Cadet Flight Syllabus).  The format for the flights will (in general) be one cadet in the front seat using one of the syllabi and another in the back seat.  The flight will be approximately an hour long and will land at a different airport (what use is flying if you can’t GO somewhere?).  The pilot will shut the airplane down and give an opportunity for everyone to take a short break.  When you are all ready, the two cadets will trade places for a flight back to the original airport.

All participating cadets should become familiar with the Flight Syllabus in CAPP52-7 and it is recommended that their parents read the material as well.

Note that even though we will make every attempt to accommodate as many cadets as possible, weather, aircraft, and pilot availability may come into play.

This signup is for Nighthawk members.   Please indicate when you are available to fly below.




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