May 2015 SAREX

Product Information

Join us for a fun and exciting weekend of training and camaraderie!  TXWG Group 6 will be holding a SAREX the weekend of 15-17 May, 2015 at the Denton Airport.

Sign up for the SAREX here.   Make sure to indicate the days you will be attending and what ES qualifications you are working on.


See you there!


All personnel will report to the Woolfolk Hangar (4833 Spartan Drive) at the Denton Enterprise Airport.  If you are flying in, park on the US Aviation ramp (4850 Spartan Drive).  All personnel wishing to participate in the SAREX should have with them the following:

101 Card
Uniform (appropriate to the tasks assigned and the weather)
SQTRs (for the qualifications being trained/evaluated)

Aircrew checklist:

Mission Aircrew Reference Text
Flight gear (headphones, charts, etc.)

Ground team checklist  

UDF/Ground Team Task Guide
24-Hr pack including safety vest
Bug spray (VERY important)
Hydration pack
Pen and small composition book (VERY important)
Flashlight with spare batteries — 1
Toiletries — as needed
Sunscreen 30 UV AB rating

Remember, this is May so thunderstorms are always a possibility.  Keep an eye out and make sure you have appropriate clothing/equipment for the conditions.