Nighthawk Launches Model Rocketry Program

Product Information

Model_Rocketry_Cover_Denton, Texas, Feb. 19, 2016 —┬áThe Nighthawk Composite Squadron begins the Civil Air Patrol’s Model Rocketry program on Monday, Feb. 22, 2016.

The program consists of three stages: Redstone, Titan, and Saturn.

The Redstone Stage will be completed in two sessions on Monday, Feb. 22 (at our regularly scheduled meeting) and an all day event on Saturday, Feb. 27. This stage covers the history and pioneers behind rocketry and culminates with the launching of two non-solid fuel rockets.

In the Titan Stage, cadets learn about the physical laws of motion and aerodynamics and then build and launch a commercial, single-stage, solid-fuel model rocket.

The Saturn Stage instructs cadets on how to track the altitude of rockets and the physics behind solid rocket engines. This stage ends the rocketry program with the launch of either a two-stage or a single-stage with payload rocket.

Once all three stages are successfully completed, the cadets earn the prestigious Model Rocketry Badge.

Times and dates for stage 2 and 3 training are TBD.

For more information on the Model Rocketry program, contact Lt. Col. John Thurman at thurmanj@denton