Nighthawk Represents Group VI in Search and Rescue Competition

Product Information

Denton, Texas, Feb. 20, 2016 — Three senior members from the Nighthawk Composite Squadron were chosen to represent Group VI in a Search and Rescue Competition hosted by the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol in Austin, Texas.

The air crew from Nighthawk consists of the mission pilot Capt. Paul Pease, the mission observer 1st Lt. Michael O’Brien and Capt. Mark Hammack, who will be dual-hatting as the airborne photographer and mission scanner.

During the competition, air crews are evaluated on their ability to plan and execute missions, radio communication protocol, equipment inspections, and written examinations. Judges for the competition are made up of experienced mission-qualified pilots and aircrew.

For further information on the SARCOMP, please contact Capt. Mark Hammack at