Support the Nighthawk Squadron through the Kroger Community Rewards Program

Product Information

Help support the Civil Air Patrol in Denton through the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  The program allows Civil Air Patrol, as a 501(c)(3) organizations, the opportunity to earn a share of the $1 million that Kroger awards annually to groups in Texas and Louisiana..  Quarterly the squadron will receive a percentage of $1,000,000 based upon the amount spent at Kroger from people using their Kroger Plus card linked to our squadron.  If you shop at Kroger please link your Kroger Plus card to us and please ask your friends and neighbors to do so as well.Instructions are as follows:
All supporters must have a registered Kroger Plus card account online to be able to link their card to an organization.
·       Do you use your phone number at the register? Call 800-576-4377 and select option 4 to get your Plus Card number.
·       If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card, you can obtain a digital Kroger Plus Card when creating an account online or at any Kroger store.
Link your card at
·       If you have an existing account, click on “Sign In”, otherwise click on “Register”.

·       Already have a account?
o   Enter your email address and password to proceed to the next step.
o   Click on “Edit” in the “Community Rewards” section (lower right box on the Account Summary page)
o   In the “Find Your Organization” box enter our organization’s number, 81045 or CIVIL AIR PATROL – NIGHTHAWK COMPOSITE SQUADRON  and then click on “Search”.
o   Click on the circle next to CIVIL AIR PATROL – NIGHTHAWK COMPOSITE SQUADRON and then click on “Save” at the bottom left side of the box.
o   To verify that you enrolled correctly after you click SAVE you will be taken back to the account summary pager where you should see our squadron name on the right side of your account settings page in the Community Rewards box.
o   Once you are linked, you can start earning rewards immediately toward the organization you are supporting. (Note: The message saying that you are supporting an organization through the Kroger Community Rewards program will start printing on your receipt about 10 business days after you linked your card.)
·       If you are a new online customer:
o   You will need to enter your email address, create a password, enter your zip code, click on favorite store, and agree to the terms and conditions.
o   Once you are done entering your information you will get a message asking you to check your e-mail inbox and click on the link within the body of the e-mail that was sent to activate your Kroger account.